Daily Mail apologized to Vangelis Marinakis

The English newspaper apologized publicly for what he said about the powerful man of Olympiacos, Vangelis Marinakis, regarding the game with Burnley.

Daily Mail apologized to Vangelis Marinakis | to10.gr

Burnley’s coach, Sean Dyche, inaccuracies about Olympiacos – Burnley match in Karaiskakis Stadium, and the way the English media broadcast the fantastic events, drive President of Olympiacos, Vangelis Marinakis, to move lawfully against all those who have tried to vilify the club.

The vindication of Olympiakos and Vangelis Marinakis resulted in Daily Mail’s article, also posted on her website, asking for public apology from the powerful man of Olympiakos, correcting what he had untrue wrote about the alleged entering in the changing rooms of the referees.

More specifically, the article-redemption-apology of the English newspaper mentions the above:

«An article on 25 August reported claims that Evangelos Marinakis ‘stormed the referee’s room’ during a Europa League match between Burnley FC and Olympiacos. Although published in good faith, we now accept that the allegation was incorrect. We apologise to Mr Marinakis for any distress caused».

It is worth mentioning that the English newspaper will bear all legal costs and a substantial amount will be offered to charity.